> Northernwoods Taxidermy: Baxter MN

Joe Marshall

I grew up in the great outdoors of central Minnesota and have enjoyed hunting all species. I met the taxidermist who did my first deer and fell in love with the work. I then started taxidermy as a hobby in the early eighties and have turned it into a full-time career, mounting animals from all over the world.

Northernwoods Taxidermy is true to it's slogan,

"Preserving Memories for a Lifetime."

Every detail is given great time and attention. The end result is the most lifelike work you will come across. I mount all species, from fish to buffallo and everything in between. I take special pride in all my work and will not let you down.

Here are some people who I have help preserved some great memories:

Bluff Bucks Outfitters of Bluff County, Wisconson
Arrowwood Wilderness Outfitters
Babe Winkelman Productions of Baxter, Minnesota
Dave Watson: Matthews TV on the Outdoor Channel
Stan Pots: Gordan Whittington and Brent Beimert from North American Whitetail Television
Andy Ross: Maximum Archery on Sportmans Channel
Steve Hoffman: In-Fisherman
Nicole McClain: Hunter, Model and Actress from
Scent Blocker Most Wanted and also Deer and Deer Hunting TV
Walleye Dan: Brainerd Minnesota, with Fleet Farms We Love It Outdoors on Fox Sports