Shipping Instructions

1. State and Federal Regulations must be met. State and Federal license numbers are required.

2. All specimens should be carefully and properly labeled. Please enclose a letter of instructions.

3. RAW FUR: All skins or hides of fur bearing animals or game animals must be accompanied by an export permit / hide seal.

4. Label package "Rush Perishable" and advise carrier to phone when shipment reaches destination; someone will be on call after hours.

5. IMPORTANT: Do not ship raw furs parcel post; only thoroughly dried skins that have been stretched and dried may be transported in this manner.

6. Perishable specimens: please consider the distance and time specimens will travel in order to reach our studio in good condition, then select a preferred carrier:air express, bus or truck.

7. Please advise us of the incoming shipment by phone (218) 828-1438.